On Creativity

Thanks to Matt Evan Probst’s blog for this funny & informational look at creativity. John Cleese!

Matt Evan Probst

I’m a bit pressed for time today, so I’m just going to share this awesome lecture by John Cleese on the topic of creativity–what it is, how it happens, and what you can do to make it easier to be creative. It’s funny, insightful, and offers useful information to writers and non-writers alike. If you’ve got a half-hour to spare, definitely give it a look.

John Cleese – a lecture on Creativity from janalleman on Vimeo.

I was pointed to this video thanks to MrBTongue over at Tasteful, Understated Nerdrage. Give him a look, too. He does in-depth, intellectually rich commentary on gaming and other subjects, such as this fantastic analysis of Blade Runner.

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Writing is the monkey on my back. Sometimes it's great fun and sometimes it -- well, things can't be fun all the time, but it's still engrossing even when I chew my nails and scratch my head while searching for inspiration. Fiction is my particular fondness. Writing it and reading it.
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One Response to On Creativity

  1. Carney says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I watched this some time ago but it is a good one to revisit from time to time.

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