Confusion reigns!

Oh my. I seem to be tearing myself apart by stretching my mind in too many directions at the same time. 1. There’s the novel ~ new ways to tweek it pop up on a regular basis. 2. There’s my picture book writing addiction ~ a new idea leaked onto paper during a sleepless night, making four picture book ms waiting for revision. 3. There’s the agent search. Agggh! The world has millions of people in it. Thankfully not all of them are literary agents, but there sure are a lot to consider. All this and regular life, too. Oh, I should include (4.) the lovely four line stanza that got yanked from an accepted poem and is calling for a few other lovely four line stanzas to go with it. Sigh. I’m going in too many directions—

I’m sure the feeling is universal. This quote from Gelett Burgess (artist, art critic, poet, author and humorist per Wikipedia) offers comfort:

If you stop and think about it, you’ll realize that three out of four persons do not know exactly what they’re doing a large part of the time.

It’s good to know I’m not the only person driving myself crazy.


About Sharon Hart Addy

Writing is the monkey on my back. Sometimes it's great fun and sometimes it -- well, things can't be fun all the time, but it's still engrossing even when I chew my nails and scratch my head while searching for inspiration. Fiction is my particular fondness. Writing it and reading it.
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