Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Goodness, that sounds scary, especially if the venture takes you into new territory. Small children have advantages over adults when it comes to trying new things. For them, everything is a new and they have the luxury of loving backup. If they fall while learning to walk, they’re close to the ground and, most likely, there’s an attentive parent or guardian watching and ready to scoop them up for a hug. For adults though, taking those first steps can be pretty scary.

Which brings me to the quote I found the other day. It’s terribly fitting for me as I prep my novel to send it to an editor who asked to see it. Ray Bradbury said it:

You’ve got to jump off the cliff all the time, and build your wings on the way down.

He doesn’t mention a parachute or a bungie cord. It’s a hurtling toward the earth statement. Fortunately, there are ways to prepare for the jump — your own experience and the expertise of those who jumped before you. So, when you’re at the cliff edge and it’s time to take the leap of faith, it’s good to remember all those who helped you learn how to build wings. So thank you to my writer friends and all those whose books and magazine articles brought me to this point. I’ll be air-born any day now.


About Sharon Hart Addy

Writing is the monkey on my back. Sometimes it's great fun and sometimes it -- well, things can't be fun all the time, but it's still engrossing even when I chew my nails and scratch my head while searching for inspiration. Fiction is my particular fondness. Writing it and reading it.
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