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Missing a season

The saying Life is what happens when you’re making other plans (Thomas La Mance), describes my summer. Instead of puttering in my gardens, taking little trips to visit relatives, enjoying quiet dinners on restaurant patios, sitting on a lake shore watching the … Continue reading

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Aack! It’s January again.

Yes, I was awake for Christmas and conscious for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, and I did change my calendar, but the realization that it’s January 2017 is quite a shock. I was so busy getting ready for the holidays … Continue reading

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I’m early. I know. But the temps are in the fifties and even my fall jacket is much too warm. Yesterday Culvers put out their patio furniture and today Mom and I sat on it while we sipped hot coffee and … Continue reading

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Oops! Good intentions aren’t enough.

Robert Burns said it well: The best laid plans of mice and men err oft and go astray. (He didn’t actually say it like that, but the Scottish version has so many apostrophes that I prefer this corruption.) My goal … Continue reading

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September: new beginnings

Celebration time! September always feels like the time for new beginnings. Probably because of going to school as a student, teaching, and watching my kids head to school in the fall. I’m sure the stacks of notebooks and pencils in stores inviting words written by … Continue reading

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Confusion reigns!

Oh my. I seem to be tearing myself apart by stretching my mind in too many directions at the same time. 1. There’s the novel ~ new ways to tweek it pop up on a regular basis. 2. There’s my … Continue reading

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Connecting with readers..

At last! My women’s novel is ready for first readers. The words of Gustave Flaubert offer comfort as I wonder if my critique partners will connect with my characters. Everything one invents is true, you can be sure of that. Beyond a … Continue reading

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